Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nigeria SME Connect?

The Nigeria SME Connect is an annual forum designed to empower owners of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria by connecting them with their foreign counterparts who have an appetite for Africa. The forum is also geared towards helping owners of small and medium enterprises overseas find the right local companies to foster business relationships

How did Nigeria SME Connect come about?

The agreement to host the Nigeria SME Connect was made between the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and Footprint to Africa after both organizations reached an agreement to foster the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. SMEDAN, with a vast network of MSMEs in Nigeria, would leverage on Footprint to Africa’s global network to host the Nigeria SME Connect

Why Nigeria?

There are very few countries that offer a large and vibrant market, an abundance of natural resources, a cheap workforce that is dynamic and well-educated, investor-friendly government policies and a strategic location with access to serve the African market.


Who can participate in the Nigeria SME Connect?

Any company that manufactures or deals in building materials and any company in the agricultural sector

What are the benefits for investors who participate in the Nigeria SME Connect?

They will meet over 1000 companies operating in Nigeria, screened and registered by SMEDAN, for possible joint ventures and partnerships. They will also meet potential agents and distributors. We believe that the forum will give participants first-hand access to the bountiful investment opportunities.

Are there any incentives from the government?

Yes, there is a comprehensive package of incentives available to foreign investors, especially with regards companies in the non-oil sector. There has been a conscious effort to reduce unnecessary bottlenecks and bureaucracy.

How secure is it?

The country offers a stable political environment. Nigeria has had 16 years of unbroken democracy including a peaceful transition of power in 2015.

What is the official language in Nigeria?

The official language is English

How much is to participate

$1,750 only.

Are there any other charges


Will boots be provided by organisers or participating company?

Yes, boots will be provided.

Attend the Event


23rd Nov/10AM,


Landmark Center
Water Corporation Drive Oniru,
VI Lagos, Nigeria