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Footprint to Africa Limited is an investment bridge and business/financial news resource company. Our main objective is to promote intra African trade and foreign investment in Africa through Footprint to Africa Multimedia and Footprint to Africa Investor Services.

Footprint to Africa Investor Service:

We are committed to helping African and foreign investors find the partners or establish presence through screened business to business meetings as it is often not a credit risk or the fact that parties renege on agreements that cause the failure of business transactions in Africa but a lack of an understanding of the unique local customs or systems.

We host events in various African countries and across various sectors. We believe by doing this, potential investors can see, first hand, the real market potential in Africa. Focused and high-level, our events provide the perfect environment to initiate new business relationships, identify opportunities and achieve face to face contact that overcrowded trade shows cannot deliver.

“Nigeria is currently on track to become one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020. With a robust private sector, the country boasts of a large market with an unrestricted movement of investment capital. There is no better place to be today, than Nigeria. If you are not in Nigeria, you are not in Africa yet.”

Osita Oparaugo, Esq.
Managing Director, Footprint to Africa

Footprint to Africa Multimedia:

We recognize that the unavailability of proper investment information and inadequate dissemination channels are major setbacks to developmental growth and that it contributes to lack of basic market data which not only prevents attempts to generate proper market insights but also creates a strong barrier to foreign direct investment in Africa.

On this premise, the Footprint to Africa online news platform is dedicated to business and investment news only and is currently valued at over ten million viewers




Footprint to Africa Investor Services has a robust business database of over 1.3 businesses operating in Nigeria

Our team of experts come from a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds, from Business, Law, Finance, Information Technology, Risk Management and International Relations. Our business executives have a strong societal network within the African business community and political arena.

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